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As with any site you visit - it is nice to know what & who you are dealing with. Here I will try to give you a little insight into what I am doing, here.

Been here online since 1995, I have gained a lot of insight over the years. Much was a hit and miss kind of thing. Started out with a news site and a travel site. Both did well for a time, then things changed, both, for me personally and the world.

Still here still doing it - much like today, putting up with the aggrevation and the mistakes - but trust me well worth it. Once the countless hours of development are in, you can put your website on autopilot and make money while you sleep or chit chat with friends. It's really nice when you can hang it up and go spend quality time with your family.

Don't know where I'd be really without my internet income - for many years it held my finances together and that was a great thing. Checks in the mail every month. Not so much now - for a lot of reasons. One the ecomonmy tanked and like with many of you - suffering some losses as a result of hackers who like to destroy our peace and contentment in the world. So I Got to get my forms back together and I would like to present you with downloads, via email or through buttons on my sites.

But we recover and we trudge on. We make it happen as it happens. Or it just happens. Nice, nice to know that there is now some other form of making it in the world or even just keeping in touch with others, which is always nice.

I'll spare you the long boring details of my entire life - for here and now, though, let's say, I am interested in making money in business and if I can take you along with me, I surely will luv to have you here with me - where ever that may be - on the net or out here in the real world.

So this is just a lit'l bout what I do and who I am - hopefully our relationship can grow, now that you are here, in some way, shape, form or otherwise. And good luck to you, in whatever you do, in life.

My statistics - I have served over 1 million visitors over the years and still growing. I have had websites with more than 5,000 members strong and anticipate having more. Moneywise, let's just say I make enough to stay afloat and it's good to me.

We hope your visit is a pleasant one and we invite you to engage in conversation with us, leave feedback or make suggestions. Thank You!

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