Articles Reflecting Current and Changing Times, Attitudes and Values

War Between Man and Robot: There is going to be a War between Man and Robot - It is Inevitable, Imperatively!

American Dream is Dead: At one time, you and your family had it made. There is however, no million dollars in your pocket - I'm sure I am correct - read on to see how you may change this.

Of Gods and Humans - Death And Destruction: Today, the world met with one of the most deadly weapons known to mankind. Tomorrow, we shall lay wasted, in time.

China World Dominance: It is normal for Politicians especially those voted into office as President to break their promises, in this case, it involves relations betweent the United States and China.

Trump The "Big Looser": How this man ever got where he is today, is beyond me - other than he talks a good game, but can't play it. Why?

State Funded Terrorism - A New Term In Modern Warfare: Like always, they come up with some really good terms that are contradictive of themselves. Let's place blame where blame should be.

Things R Changing: Hope you change with us - this is a temporary placement for this info. We are going to move it to it's appropriate site, once we are ready to give it all to you. Thanks for viewing.

Social Justice Warrior: Weeks back I proclaimed that they protest for all the wrong reasons. From providing medical care and college eduction to illegal aliens, to making false unsupported claims that are based on emotion rather than logic - it is unreal, what things and ways have become!

No Rhyme Nor Reason: It appears as if the world were floating on an endless time machine, with everything in between on it's own schedule. But we have strayed from the beaten path and are on our way to destruction, unless.

A Countdown to Doomsday: When you go blindly into the night, you bump into things - some things can hurt really bad. An executive decision has to be made carefully and has to be a well informed one, taking into account all aspects of the consequences that may follow, enacting a new law or new way of doing things can be great for a nation or it can be devastating - so devastating in fact, it can cost someone or many their lives. Is this the path, we want to travel down?

Power To The People: This has been the Slogan of many revolutions, as they have came and gone. Some gave rise to great leaders, but many have given rise to those who succumb to the pressures of the Filthy Rich and become just like them.

Corporate Greed: We have entered into a new Century and not much has changed, other than the fact that Corporations have become bigger and more greedier than ever. While the Occupy Movement, Arab Spring and Uprising in the South America's have done little to change this, it will change to the better or we loose - all of us!

Dictator On the Rise: Many of you do not see it, but I do. It doesn't take a genius to figure a person out - Caveat - Watch Out, if Trump is elected.

America's Profit Motive: We have all asks questions as to why this one thing or that thing is chosen over some other thing that is much better for us as a society and the world environment. Namely, it seems they always choose the wrong thing.

We Need Jobs: America once the fastest growing nation in the World, has fallen from grace since the 70's.

Why are you so negative: Ever wondered why you are so down on yourself, others and the world? Find out here!

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