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I wish everything came in a nutshell - it would be so much easier to explain. To me, when things are easier to explain, life also, is so much easier itself to understand.

As with Altcoins, namely Bitcoin, things are not very easy to explain. Yet, I try to bring it (the explanation) to you in relatively easy to understand terms. Whether the concept of new money is easy to understand, well that's a equine of a variant hue (horse of a different color).

When we reach into our pocket, to pull out money to pay for our purchases, we don't realize how costly it has become. Nor do we know how ineffective this widespread exchange of value now is.

Many years ago, it was said that Credit Cards would be the replacement of money. It may have been so, if it weren't for the advent of the internet. The internet has changed our lives in so many ways, we don't even realize how much so. Seven-to-Eight years ago, it became possible to exchange value in another form - electronic currency - the best and most known of which is Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has revolutionize our monetary system. It has become transfer effective and well as protective. In other words, it is hard to steal, in many ways, it is passed "in a sense" anonymously. There is so much good that has come out of it - it is a wonder, it hasn't taken a wider hold on all of us - but eventually, it or some other form of electronic money will!

As time goes by, more and more people are using Bitcoin and other Altcoins - I heard that Amazon had created their own - but most companies are using Bitcoin as their favored electronic currency and so are people.

Altcoins, namely Bitcoin, have given Power Back To The People!

You've heard from me first, we will move into the future, with no money in hand, but we will have purchasing power unknown to anyone before us and it will cost us very little in way of transferring it from one person to the other - read more about it on my site -

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