China's World Dominance, An Economic and Human Slavery Nightmare

It was the End of World War II - a time for rebuilding. While, Japan had attacked us at Pearl Harbor and drug us into a War we wanted no parts of, we ended up being the victor and well, the holder of the responsibility to rebuild economies.

Not only our own economy but that of Japan's and the other nations, in which we conducted our battles with Japan in, like the Philippines and Okinawa and others.

Previously, some where down the line, Britain had obtained the rights to Hong Kong for a 99 year lease, from China. So it is from this basis, we find ourselves in a helluva economic mess today.

This mess can only be described as the coming of the Orientals. They hold all the cards, economically. And we are the ones, that handed them the game. First, to rebuild Japan and the other economies, we gave them free trade with us. Which permitted them to make products, send them here and sell them in the World's Biggest Economy, America. All the while, because of our so called great relationship with Britain, products from Hong Kong were pouring into the United States.

Later, you can add in countries like Taiwan, Indonesia and other Asian Countries into the mix to really sweetened the pie. All this came in as Trade Agreements were formed and signed and well, we were supposed to be the benefactor of all these Agreements, but, looks as if we got stiffed.

China gets Hong Kong back from the Brits. Once, this occured, there was no doubt, that the Economic Nightmare, had just begun. It's like taking all your proprietary information and handing it over to your competitor. And this is what the Brits did. They gave China the keys to the World.

Immediately, China sent in it's best Economist to Hong Kong to study all it could about the workings of a free economy. It had been as if, they took over a turn-key business without paying a cent for it. They learned all they could about Free-Trade and the economics of Capitalism. Once they had all the proprietary secrets in hand, they added their own little bit of spices into the pie and made it as sweet as applebutter candy.

There is a saying, when it works, repeat it as often as possible. China has been forcing itself upon everyone. It all started with it's dominance over it's own people. And if you watch China closely, everything they do, is like they are defying all laws. International/national laws, as well as Human Rights. Slavery is one of China's secret ingredients.

So long as China keeps it's people in a state of Slavery, they will dominate the World Economy. Coupled with their other secret ingredient, theft of proprietary rights. That is, China has no bones about stealing people's patented ideas and making their own products, from those patented ideas. As far as they are concerned, all ideas of men and women, belong to them or in the Public Domain.

To be honest, I do not think China has one good idea of it's own. But and a big BUT, let's not make China the bad guy of it's own. Companies all over the world, have made use of China's Slave Labor Force. Including without a shadow of a doubt, our current President of the United States.

And it is with great regret and saddness of heart, that I must admit, I too am guilty of purchasing products made in China. How could I not? Our economy is so flooded with Chinese products or products made in China, it is overwhelmingly sickening. It is extremely pathetic and disheartening. That the leaders of this world, would allow such atrocities to exist and continue on.

It should have been nipped at the bud a long, long time ago. Is it impossible to change the course of the way things are now and implement a new program? No not at all. Would it be a costly endeavor? Again, no not at all.

There are many things that must be done in this world - first, the influence of power and wealth have to be shifted. It must be taken out of the hands of those who have held it for thousands of years. They have failed miserably as leaders and keepers of men. They have become so accustom of cheating the masses out of what is rightfully theirs, a good, decent and honest life. They feel as if, it is okay for them and them alone to enjoy the riches of the world and fuck everyone else.

Not cool and not going to keep happening - people of this day and age are realizing, that things are wrong and that they must change. And change they will, without a doubt to the better or to the worse.

But the inevitability that must happen, is that all men and women in this world, be entitled to a good living. One without fear of subjugation or submission to a life of slavery and today, this is what we are, nothing more than slaves and it is totally wrong. No man, no woman should go without their rightful share of the World's vast riches. And as long as China and others are allowed to enslave people, we will never see what is wrong, righted.

NOTE: Following the publishing of this article, I ran across an article detailing Trump's Learning Curve after taking Office as the United States President - in this article, it details how "Big Business" and/or it's Executives swayed Trump's opinion on China being a currency manipulator - so there you have it, it is also a Big Business Factor that influences a President's decision making - See Article Here

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