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Corporate Greed

This is not an isolated problem within the United States. It is worldwide. If corporations can get away with Slave Ownership and Labor, they would, no doubt about it.

Since man's earliest days, the Egyptian, Roman Empires and the Silk Road to the Spanish, English, Japanese Empires and beyond, the rich have found ways to stay rich of the blood, sweat and tears of the average joe or jenny.

Wars have been fought over, who owns what and who gets what from Natural Resources and even the God Complex - Religion. Don't kid yourself none, religions reap in a lot of money. So much so, they will kill over it. Look at today's Wars in the Name of God, where they really mean in the Name of Money and Power.

From years ago in American History, Rich Tycoons have said, "He who controls the money, has power!" And make no mistake about it, this is so true it is unreal. They can pay to make you feel the way they want you too. Media is a powerful tool of the Wealthy. But let's not stray from the subject here.

Corporations get away with so much - they trample on people's lives, they destroy the environment in the name of profit and they act like it is Okay. Well, it isn't, so let's be clear on that one - it is not okay to make the money you do and hurt and harm people and the environment the way you do!

Corporate Responsibility means way more than just padding people at the top's pockets with profits. It's about taking pride in Community and the Environment and giving back as much as you can, to those and things that have gotten you where you are at. It's about recognizing that you are the Kings and the Lords of the Land and the people and places are yours to admire. And respect deeply, because without them, you have nothing.

Killing yourself and the people, destroying the environment to live, is ludicrous at best - crazy, insane to say the least! With all your money, you would think that you have better sense than you do! You are not retarded or stupid to say the least - otherwise, you would not be where you are today. So start acting like the real leader you are and stop being greedy with everything you do and make.

You can increase your profits a thousand fold - but, when you have killed off everything from your workers to your environment, what good does it do you to have so much wealth. You will have nowhere to spend it. Your wealth becomes worthless. And these are the prospects you must face, with being greedy.

Although, before it reaches this end, you will have war and turmoil to reckon with. People will fight over many things, like no water, because you have fouled it all up. And no pay - because you think they need to work for nothing. Heed this warning, this is the path to your own destruction - greed!

The 99.99 percentors, this includes your favorite aces at the top next to you are going to get fed up with it all and they are going to turn on you. This is the only benefit you reap from being greedy. Oh, it may go on for a time, but in time, it will change. It may harm your offspring more than you and here it is: Times are changing and the common folk are getting tired of being trampled on and their anger will soon be directed at you - although today it is being misdirected at themselves, eventually, it will head your way.

Greedy Corporations have managed to keep the common people on self-destructive paths for a long, long time. But barriers are being broken through and people are becoming more wise as information becomes more readily available to them. They are no longer living in the dark or the shadow of your lies, they can see the light coming through on them and they want a taste of what is decent and deserving of them.

Life becomes more managable when everyone is standing on more and more common ground. Although I am not religious, I do believe in some of the Philosopies of Religion and this one is from Mark: "For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul? OR What good does it do for people to win the whole world yet lose their lives?" Sounds like something that should be echoed in today's times. This was a thousand plus years ago!

The Destruction of Communities and the Environment, is coming to a head here. It is going to pop off soon. Unless, those in power - either in government or big business come to their senses. You can not run around acting like you want it all, at the expense of everyone and everything. Not happening in today's times.

Either Mother Nature will shut you down or an uprising of the people and you are coming closer and closer to this end, without change in Corporate Greed. The Arab Spring or the chaos in the South America's is nothing compared to what is yet to come without major change in the way you do business and compensate people.

The change in weather patterns and bigger and stronger storms are nothing compared to what lies ahead for all of us, if you do not change the way you do business as a whole. Mother Nature, as man has seen over and over again through out history, can not be reckoned with - she is a horrible force to wanna go up against or to cross. You full pockets of wealth are not worth loosing your life over, because you can't see it coming at you.

But you can you just choose to ignore it - in all your greed - you have got to make a decision - keep it or make things right with you, your people (community) and your environment - the choice is yours.

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