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While Krishna rode upon his Crimson Ship, Jehova cast down fire and brimstone from the sky, to wipe out the sinners of the world.

From Poseidon to Odin, the God's have ruled with a heavy hand. Reining down wrath upon those who did not conform to their rule. Lack of compliance led to total annihilation. So why would not man, become like the father?

The world as a whole, has never known true peace. From all recorded histroy, there has always been War. Unreal as it may seem, Man has waged battle against Man from the beginning of time. In contemporary times, these Wars have become far more sinister and deadly, than one can imagine. While not as Mythological as some Diety reining down some wrath from the heavens, man has cast his deadly force upon the world, through Heavy Loaded Metal.

Alfred Noble became so despondent over his invention, dynamite, that in the end he bequeathed his entire fortune to the Noble Prizes, especially that of the Noble Peace Prize. While Oppenheimer, when he developed and tested the first Nuclear Weapon, immediately knew his invention was nothing more than shear death.

For hundreds of years we have seen wars fought in the Name Of God - it is becoming so sickening it is unreal, at least for this author it is. Man may never learn to find peace in his heart, until that is, he is diminished to nothing more than rubble.

I guess one could surmise and say; "that man is inherently evil". Or one could say, that; "man has learned from his so called Passionate God, to be inherently evil". In any case, there is one thing that is certain: it is absolutely scary to live in this world today. And we owe it all to the Wrath of the Gods. Afterall, aren't they the ones, that started this stuff?

Remember how I started this all out here - you either conformed or you were annihilated. You will march in lock step, to the beat of the drum - trip and fall and you're done. Shame how it all works out - that if we continue down this path of death and destruction, we shall surely perish.

The leaders of men and countries have failed us from the beginning of time. It is a wonder why we still allow the same ones who have ruled for ages, to continue to rule for ions more.

Bloodbaths have become a major source of income for the War Mongers. They capitalize off the death of others. And as usual, the outcome is always the same. Finish one war and jump right into another. Tons of Articles of War have been written and lectured upon over the years. There are even Rules of Engagement, so much so that there is a certain kind of rapport amongst it's participants.

Under the shadow of darkness, the evil in man's heart shall rise and rule the land. His greed and lust for power and money, overcomes him and not one, is hidden from his grip. All are subject to his wrath.

As I wrote this little quip directly above - it sounds like a passage right out of some holy book, talking about some illusive Superbeing - one in which none of us, has ever known or witnessed. Now, personally I would not want my Higher Power to punish me at his or her whim. I would want them to be understanding and forgiving when the need arose.

However, historically we have been taught that the God's maintain and utilize Wrath beyond belief. Unleashing tremendous powers unknown to man. Today, it seems, that man, has some tremendous powers of his own, to unleash upon other men, who do not comply to his whims and fancies.

Let it be herewith be known and recorded - it is time, we as a whole - the people of the world, to take back our peace. There is no other way to do so, but to remove from power, those that have been entrusted with it, for far too long. They have misused and abused it for thousands of years. It is time, man wake up and smell the roses in the field. A peaceful field that we can lie in and enjoy the givings of the earth. It is our blessing - it is our contentment.

Man is not a slave to his destiny, as he believes is so. He has a right to change the course of the path that he finds himself upon. Things that once shrouded his vision shall give way to what is clear. He can become rightegous, just and peaceful in his ways. He can refuse the verdict of war. War that has been waged upon him via his unrelenting and not so merciful God - the excuse.

The excuse for all that is wrong and can't be righted. The blame for his inability to do all that is good for himself. The fleeting comfort that alludes him. No more, no more war. No more death and destruction, we have had enough!

Conceptually, man believes he can end War, with War. It could never happen and this is one of the beliefs we must give up on, it is completely bogus!

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