The Rise of A Dictator - The Fall of a Country
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Politically Correct or Brainwashing?

The 20's were hard times across Europe - many sentiments were lashed around by a man in what seemed to be shining armor, coming to save the day - his name was Adolph Hitler.

These are hard times (2016) in America - there are many sentiments being lashed around by a man in shining armor, playing that emotional chord - proposedly to save the day - his name is Donald Trump.

While it is hard for someone to form a dictatorship in this country - it is not impossible. Remember, the President is the General of All the Armed Forces - remove a few heads and replace them with your own and you have control of the military.

You can argue any issue or many - you may be correct in some regards and wrong in others. But when the minds of the many are stuck on an issue that hits an emotional chord, watch out - trouble is just ahead, on every front.

If someone has the power to dance across the airwaves and get their message out to the masses, they have a greater power than just their ability to be heard. They can stir up trouble or prevent it, they can change the course of history or keep it the same - no matter what the cause, they can make shit happen.

Shit happens anyways; but, if you can get your message across the way you want to and people listen, especially, if it affects them as well, then the message, becomes an issue to be dealt with. Currently, there are many things happening that don't sit right with the masses (most people in America). Issues like, "illegal Aliens", "Gay Rights", "No or Low Paying Jobs" and the list can go on forever.

A woman once said to me; "this country can never have a female as President - we're too moody!" And many people who have worked with Hiliary as anything, (U.S. Ambassator, Senator or whatever), can attest to this. You can see it in her demeanor. As far as Trump goes - he is a dictator waiting to happen.

When dictators rise up - country's fall - there is no other way to put it. Time and time again throughout history it has all been the same. A dictator rips apart the very fabric of a society and they win your heart on the heels of Propaganda!

So the next time you listen to someone belly ache about a Mexican taking our jobs - they are not - they are working in (minimum wage or hard) jobs most Americans don't wanna do.

There are many solutions to many of the problems in society that we face - the truth of the matter is, in most cases, governments don't want to or can't fix them, (because they are mentally unable too). Quick fixes are never the answer - but they are used all too often.

We are faced with some really bad choices, as to who our next President will be - will it be a moody bitch or a dictator waiting to happen?

Now the argument may be put forth that some dictators are good. Okay, but definitely not this one. He has already shown that he is willing to up the Nuclear Arms Race - he has already shown, that the people must bow to his whim, (it is a appearant in all his gestures and actions)

He will favor an Elitist Class structure. There will be the Extremely Wealthy and the Overwhelmingly Poor. He will push us back ages in our ways of life. In essence, he will turn us into a "Third World Country". This man's objective is to further his own cause and make himself Rich beyond all means. Mark my words, if he wins, see how things turn out. If she wins, we loose, too!

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Jerry Moorehouse:
It all sounds good, but do you really think Trump will be a dictator?

Nick Sabat:
No, not really but it is possible. Trump has a real bad attitude and he will select those that have just as bad a demeanor as he! Not a doubt in my mind.



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