Trump's Proposed Policies, A Countdown to DoomsDay
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Imagine a world that was hit by some nuclear bomb or some natural disaster and you will get a picture of what doomsday looks like.

Most of Trump's Policy Proposals are a portent to this very day - the minute hand has just moved up to about 30 seconds before some calamitous disaster strikes us all. He is an idiot, always was always will be - a clown in the world circus! How he got this far, is beyond me? Well, his father built a foundation for him to bounce and build off of - the attorney's and accountants he surrounds himself with, may have a foot to stand on, but no doubt, just as creepy as him.

Let's take his Corporate Tax Cut Proposal on first - yes, it is a nice idea - without anything more, like guarantees from the corporations, that they will reinvest the saved money, into building a better business and sharing more of the profits, with their labor pool, (in this country), then I say go ahead. But it ain't going to happen. So what are we stuck with - loss of tax revenue, that can reach as high as 9.5 Trillion Dollars, to add to the already heavily ladened National Deficit. And to make up for such a large loss of Federal Revenues, you have to tax someone or sell more paper at high interests rates.

This tax cut proposal is a loose/loose situation. It does not guarantee Economic Stimulus and an increase in GDP (gross domestic product) nor that the labor force will grow - in fact, it guarantees a higher National Debt. It also guarantees large spending cuts - mainly to Medicare and Social Security. Proven Track Record - Corporations that have fled down south or elsewhere, have not shared their savings in tax cuts with employees (labor) there - in fact, if you watch the news or some special show on how labor is treated worldwide, you will see what I am talking about - they treat labor as slaves.

The same sort of affect will occur, when they dropped the Capital Gains Tax on Passive Incomes - the rich grew richer and the poor more poor. Which in effect lessened consumer spending and caused companies to loose money, so they shut down, they had no customer base anymore and trying to recoup some of their losses on a world market - well, they had us shut out of it for a long, long time.

On Foreign Trade Policy - the time was a long time ago to deal with this - failure to do so, permitted other Economies to grow and gain strength. In fact, just yesterday, 12/11/16, Trump questioned how China could tell him anything, especially who he can talk to and who he can't talk too. Well, he will find out when China pulls their money out of our National Bond and Treasury Markets, just how they can tell him what to do - much like the Japanesse did in 1980.

So now, dealing with China, Mexico, Canada and others is a step that must be taken softly - it is a very, very touchy situation and can cause us a great deal of economic as well as national pain. The Chinese are accused of devaluing their currency against ours. Ours has weakened against the Japanese Yen, meaning they can buy more of ours and us less of theirs. But this is just a meager part of Foreign Trade. There is much more that goes into it. Some things are so much more complex the average person could never understand.

Now the question is, are we in a position to challenge or renegotiate old standing agreements? Maybe not, maybe so. But the end result has to be something that benefits everyone, in every nation involved in any such agreement or it will not work - simple as that. Some nations like the Phillipines have already started to back out of some deals, because they appear to be lopsided or one sided. Then, the question is, do we really need the Phillipines? If the answer is yes, then we need to renegotiate the terms of such agreements with them.

Now on Global Warming and deregulation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions - this is a very serious area of concern. It doesn't take a genius to figure out how much we contribute to the Warming up of the Earth. It also doesn't take a genius to look out your window and see how much smoke plumes linger in the air anymore or that when you come from one side of the mountain, into a major metropolitan city, that the air is clear on one side of the mountain and horribly smoke fixed on the other.

I won't get to in-depth with this subject here, but I do elsewhere on my other site - I will leave you with this note, we contribute greatly to atmospheric conditions, our impact upon the lifecycle of the earth, has become devastating to us and to the environment. If we do not change much of the way we do things, in years to come, we will be in deep shit and there isn't much we can do to stop the ill consequences of our past lifestyles. The time to change, is now.

On Illegal Immigration: There are many things you can argue here - one being, we let our businesses go to Mexico and in other places South of the Border. Why is it then, these people still try to come here? One answer is this; "they are not getting paid - the fat cats are taking in all the money and not sharing it well enough with Labor". So it becomes a two part problem - in the countries they come from and ours.

One of the reasons NAFTA came into existence was so that businesses can go elsewhere and help increase the standard of living there, where ever they went. So as to keep the average guy/gal in place at home and not headed for our country. This did not happen - these companies renigged on their part of the deal and that was to pay labor a substantial part of their tax savings.

Nope, not at all. So these people keep coming from South of the Border, trying to find better paying jobs, so that they can increase their own standard of living back home, when they return there. So without more, do you kick em out of our country and send them back to be fed to the dogs or do you work with industry in their country, to improve wages, as they were supposed to do originally and make it far more attractive to stay in their own countries, rather than beat feet to ours?

And a wall, just ain't gonna cut it - I have an old saying; "build a bigger wall and I will build a bigger ladder". It changed over the years as a result of finding out about tunneling, into the United States and a thousand year old story. "Build a bigger wall and I will find someway in" - ladder, tunnel, plane, helicopter, doesn't matter, I will get in, if I want too.

Here, most of this is in a nutshell: "Bad Decisions, Make Bad Choices - Bad Chioces Make Life Miserable". This is a truism that can not be refuted or argued. Not a theory that can be changed over time - it is proven fact, over and over again. Let's choose to make the right choice, always.

Repeat of a prior Statement I made elsewhere: "Life becomes more managable when everyone is standing on more and more of the same common ground - period".

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