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I heard the cry the other day - there are no jobs, I need a job. Well, not directly, people ask me for work all the time and I tell them the same thing every time - I wish I could help you, but I'm lucky to have what I have, as it is!

We don't just need jobs - we need better paying jobs. And this is in 2 senses of the phrase "better paying jobs" - one is to convince the fat cats to take less of the cake and share more of it with their employees and the other is, jobs that command higher salaries whether they are skilled labor jobs or not.

Out of the blue comes this Supermarket chain called Aldi's - not only are they bringing value to the food and beverage industry, by lowering prices that all the rest of the food market chains think we should pay an arm and a leg for. They are also paying their employees nice salaries. By doing both of these things combined together, they have improved their bottom line and are much more profitable than other food chain giants.

Arguably, many times companies are looking to get cheap labor. Nafta (National Free Trade Act) helped them find it - in other countries. A diastrous experiment indeed - while the central goal of Nafta was to help South American countries produce more jobs to keep their people where they are at - on the other side of the Southern Border - it did little to help this. Not only that these companies began to produce cheap and I mean cheap not inexpensive products. In the end, they lost money and many are thinking about coming back here to this country to manufacture their products but won't do so unless they get concessions.

Concessions, they will hold us hostage and keep jobs from us til they get tax breaks. How about doing what you need to do to get people to produce better products? And that is pay your workers properly, win their hearts and loyalties and take less of the pie than you really need and see how well your profits bloom! Why should Americans suffer any loss cause you are too blind to see, how business is really done in the world?

Look Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway fame, gave away his fortunes and still makes tons of money. He can't give enough of it away - most of the businesses he takes over, people are paid more than ever before - he takes bottom lines and makes them top lines. In other words even at the bottom of the equation, they scream Profits.

And profits should be at the top of anyone's game, when you are in business. Cut and Dry! But our concern here is that we need industry to produce jobs.

I watched a documentary on how other countries were taking our ideas and expanding upon them and making them better. This country has long had labor disputes. I think it is time to come up with some sort of favorable formula that best suits, business as well as labor. We can go on and on about how this should be and how this isn't etc. It will do no good til there is a common ground to which both sides of the line, stand together.

Labor's concern is adquate compensation for the work they perform. Business' concern is with productivity and profits. Each can be accomplished without much ado about nothing! You can bicker and haggle all day long and come to no agreement - it is all about give and take and what makes sense and what doesn't. Both have major concerns about taxation.

Without good paying jobs we are and will be in a world of crap and this is where we are now - in a world in turmoil.

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