Early in life, Negativity, is all around us, We become Negative
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You have always acted so negative - whether it is outwordly or inwardly. There are many reasons you do this, but you know in your heart, mind and soul, it has to stop.

It is something you have learned or taught yourself. Years ago, I had to unlearn what I have learned. My problem was I would swear so much, that every other word was a cuss word. I realized it had to stop and changed it. Some people down themselves or others frequently, without even realizing what they do.

Parents, teachers, friends do not realize they are inflicting harm on you, trying to help you get along in life. Yes, they are being helpful - they have high expectations for you - they love or admire you - they just have a bad way of going about getting you to do what you need to do, for yourself.

In the military, while in basic training, they break you down, to build you back up - so they say. But, I will tell you they break you down, to just leave you hanging. They want you to be angry and very dangerous, this is the place they leave you, once they got you there. NO, decontamination follows - you are and will be contaminated the rest of your life, if you do not do something to change it.

Boyfriends, for what ever reason, pick on their girlfriends and make them feel very little about themselves. Most of the time, it is a control mechanism, which is totally wrong and if you are a young lady, in one of these sorts of relationships, you need to get out and get out now. Remember, you are now going to change the way you look at yourself, as a beauty, in all sorts of ways and you are going to reject the idea of negativity.

If you are a young man, you are a little overweight, wear glasses, your eyes are brown or even green, you have pimples, etc., get over it - you are a handsome young man, deserving of a beautiful young lady and life. Don't down yourself about anything. I used to think that my nose was wierd - I found out throughout life, I had one of the prettiest noses there is.

And that is a key point here about everything - Don't Down Yourself - there is a world full of idiots who will do that for you - reject the idea that there is anything wrong with you - most times there isn't it is just in your mind. A friend of mine once quipped, "Never leave a woman alone with her own thoughts". I had to ponder this one over, a lot.

So I started thinking, what is she going through when I am not talking to or spending time with her? I she worried I do not like her? Is she worried I will eventually leave her? Does she think I do not care about her? What was I doing wrong? And here is the answer to this last question, I wasn't doing anything wrong. Why was I even thinking about what I was doing wrong? Because, she made that negative statement. Not meaning to harm me, but to tell me she liked spending time with and talking to me.

Okay, so why didn't she just say that? Because many times, people are afraid to say what they feel. Shame, but that's the way it is - we hide or suppress our feelings and we shouldn't. I write this because I have seen plenty of people in my life,who struggle on a daily basis, over the way they feel about themselves and others. I have many lifelong friends, who we have always tried to do and say the right things to each other. Called encouragement. Never shooting ourselves in the feet, over anything.

When you treat people with kindness, they usually reciprocate the gesture. And if they don't, don't worry about it, it's not you - it is them, move on and forget about it.

Now, most of this is about what you feel about yourself, but what about the way you feel about the things you do or wanna do? If you haven't tried anything before, give it a try - don't worry about making a mistake or whether it is too hard for you to do. We all make mistakes and how do you know if it is too hard for you to do?

Life is about it's ups and downs - it's difficulties and problems - it is also about minimalizing the difficulties, problems and downsides, too. If you can! If you can't keep moving on, till you find that comfort zone. It's there for all of us - you just have to seek it out and as far as finding a mate - there is always someone for someone - that is, we all have someone who will be there for us.

Self Destruction, this is becoming more and more prevalent in society today. It spans across all classess and races of people. No One is Immune. This negative aspect of life is so unreal it is sad. It takes on many forms, sometimes you may not even know you are doing it.

Often it can come as a result of bad decisions - that result in financial loses, lack of work ethic, bad relationships and even dysfuncional family life. Self-effacement is a part of it - here, you try to do away with yourself - say for instance, you get a whole lot of Tattoos and no one can tell you from your Tats or you deny your sexuality, etc,.

You can become a Drug Addict, Alcoholic, Chronic Gambler, Shopaholic or even a Chronic Liar - living in denial of all that is real. Whatever, it's form that you see yourself in, get out of it. Come back to reality and Positivity. Get yourself right and do things you appreciate and love doing - forget the world of negativity, it doesn't need you. And that is an important aspect of life, go where you feel needed and appreciated. It's out there for you - really, all you have to do is open yourself to it and it and you will find each other.

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