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Through out life, patterns develop - when they do and you can recognize them, then you know what to expect when various things change or manipulate them or cause them to come into being. For instance, come August, you can expect gasoline prices to go down - come March you can expect them to rise again, into Summer months til Fall.

Today, things are so irratic that it is unbelievable how things go or don't go. When gas prices rose, so did the price of metals, at least so you thought. As with when they fell so did the price of metals, but stocks and bonds went up. Now, there is no indicator for any of this, because it seems they all move independently of the other.

Markets have become so distorted that there is no rhyme nor reason to any of it. Pretty much to where only a real genius can say what is or isn't going to happen next and why? If he can tell you the why? But if he is relying on old models, then he is going to be wrong in his predictions or expectations.

Yet, now is the time more than any, namely because what had happened in this election year, 2016 - there were two very bad choices as who to pick from to be President - the first thing that comes to mind is how the selection process reduced itself to very bad, bad choices on the Republican and Democratic Sides.

Two worthless individuals - each with their own hidden agendas. Her Special Interests and Him, Big Business. And if you didn't see either, then you should have opened your eyes to feast upon the tragedy unleashed upon this country, this year.This country had to choose the lessor of two evils and I guess he was it, unfortunately.

While claiming he is for America and American Jobs, Trump's sole objective is to give Big Business More Money In Their Pockets - not to stimulate economic growth, but money in the bank. See more money in the bank means lower interests rates on borrowed money and the poor guy isn't the one the banks are lending too - the 3 credit bureau's got that all fixed just right.

While big goons like the Koch Brothers, wanna throw out every favorable government agency - Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, VA Hospitals, Department of Environmental Protection, etc., etc. they say nothing about eliminating the Federal Reserve or Department of Banking and Insurance. They want minimum wage laws repealed and Occupational Safety and Health Admin gone.

They already have enough money - the laws should favor labor and the average American Worker for the very fact that if not, we will return to slave days for sure. Forget GDP (Gross Domestic Product) it is out the door. What has replaced it? Only the G8 (heads of the eight richest countries) know or the G20 (group of 20 leaders from Banking Industry in the 20 Richest Economies). Difference, the first is government leaders, the second is the banking industry's leading henchmen.

The other shame of the profit motive is planned obsolescence. The quality of products today are not like they used to be - 50 years ago, a T.V. was built to last 20 years - today they make them to last as long as the warranty and they have it all scientifically designed into the product.

Refrigerators, microwaves, cellphones all the same - built to fall apart as soon as they can - Why? Cause they know you will go out and buy it again rather than fix it, if you can. Cars same way - they can not make money if they built this stuff to last forever. You have got to be counted on to repurchase the same item, with a certain amount of years and surely, they know you will.

Whatever stings they have been pulling, they have upset their own traditions and are now headed to a different ground. What may that different ground be? They are playing with your lives. Repressing the masses while they enjoy every bit of their power. They will do whatever it takes to remain where they are - see with the advent of the internet, things have become more readily and easily accessible. they do not want this and to upset things and confuse most of us, they will toy with the economy.

The more they keep us off guard, the less we will be able to compete with them. So when things seem to be awry, they really aren't. When things appear to come with no rhyme nor reason, they really do. When the internet came along, along with it came, new avenues of revenue for the average person.

When they created the Jobs Act, they opened new doors, but very few people will open them and walk through them. Namely because they got you scared. Secondly, because you are not a risk taker. You like it in your nice and cozy spot you are in. Less Responsibility means Less Worries and Headaches and they (those in power) love that idea in you.

Then there's the greed factor - all for you none for me or is it all for me, none for you. And yes, they got you and me in this place too. What do I mean by this? They have given us so little for so long what little we have we would like to keep. But really truthfully, this is the wrong place to be. Whether a new of old venture, taking a risk can pay off handsomely. Yet, don't go into it blind, do your homework, study the papers and other materials and get informed, before you make your decision, never do it on hype or emotion.

Now while they are playing that fiddle and making music for themslves, there is no reason why you cannot make this a song of your own. I started off talking about patterns in life - that there is no rhyme nor reason things are going the way they are today. But there is, somewhere behind the scenes, someone is manipulating everything that goes on in life - especially, matters that involve money, finance and the outrageous profits of the Filthy Rich.

If you wanna go anywhere in life today, you have to get in and play their game or their song, make it yours. It can and will happen if you have the desire to do so.

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