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Profit Motive Ruleth

Rest assured, you would not get a thing, if a profit was not involved. That is unless you are getting things given to you. whether they are gifts, public assisstance or Social Security - everything comes with a price tag.

From the medicine and food, you take and eat to the clothes on your back, the profit motive is behind them. From your electricity to your cell phone and internet connections, you pay a hefty price. There were and are some who are smart enough to get off and stay off the grid, however. God bless them!

There is no cure or is there for cancer? The reason this is asked is because, if you would cure cancer - you would take away the hospital's major source of income. As a result of this lost profit, hospitals everywhere would shut down.

When they passed Obamacare, hospitals gained a windfall profit - they were guaranteed payment and they already had "Tax Favored Status" which they did not loose as a result of the passage of this Health Care Act. Their profits skyrocketed.

They're not the only ones that make a killing off our blood, sweat and tears. From Insurance Companies, Banks and Attorney's to Major Corporate America, they rip into our pockets like it was a right of theirs to do so. Major sports if it didn't make so much money you would never witness it on T.V. and you can take that to the bank!

Major Pharmaceuticals get so many write-offs they can never loose and you pay exorbitantly high costs for drugs they make. There is an excess of world oil, so much so, that they can give everyone some and still make money - yet, the price of gasoline remains high, so that they reap in Billions in profits monthly. Not Millions, Billions of Dollars a month.

Again, if there was not profit in it, you wouldn't get it - forget about it. So, they make your clothes in China and elsewhere, so that they can make as much money off them as they can. Today, they noticed how much can be made on Marijuana, legally. Now, they all want in on it. Soon and you can mark my words, it will be legal, but still highly controlled because of profits. If you can grow your own, they will not make a penny on the stuff.

I have ideas and make use of items that cost very little that do the same thing as store bought items. Soap and Shampoo are so easy to make and a much better quality and safer than store bought stuff - yet, they condition you to keep buying it from them, with all their fancy commercials and ads, they convince you to use the stuff rather than make your own, lather and suds.

The other shame of the profit motive is planned obsolescence. The quality of products today are not like they used to be - 50 years ago, a T.V. was built to last 20 years - today they make them to last as long as the warranty and they have it all scientifically designed into the product.

Refrigerators, microwaves, cellphones all the same - built to fall apart as soon as they can - Why? Cause they know you will go out and buy it again rather than fix it, if you can. Cars same way - they can not make money if they built this stuff to last forever. You have got to be counted on to repurchase the same item, with a certain amount of years and surely, they know you will.

In a lot of cases, they have made it so you can not fix it - years ago and not to many, years ago - I used to fix my washer and dryers on my own - now, you can not find parts. Ditto for other electronics - Radio Shack used to be the go to place to repair anything electronic - they (other corporations) bought them out and did away with their product lines to fix and repair electronic equipment or even build your own, so you didn't have to use theirs.

Now the next step in guaranteeing them their profits in today's world is the EUA - the end user agreement - if it comes with some sort of computer software or brain, then you are not permitted to open that software up and change it in any way, shape or form. It violates your use agreement with them and voids your warranty, as if it, (the product), was worth anything anyhow. When you had a problem with your product and it was within warranty, you got it replaced or worked on for free - today, not so fast, you have got to pay, something. Creeps!

They beat us by methods of attrition. These are sustained attacks upon customers, who get tired of the same old BS and they know it and use it to their advantage. Take for a moment, you need to return an item, it costs you postage to send it back and then, they ask for you to send them $20 so they can send it back to you. Nothing is lost by them - the item costs them a buck to make and to rehandle it another buck, so all in, they may have $5 in the product and made $30. They certainly aren't going to loose any part of the 30!

Over and over again, everything is driven by the Profit Motive - Capitalism has become nothing more than Greed.

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