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Featured above is Ernesto "Che" Guevara. Had he lived, he would be one of the World's Best Leaders, there ever was - he fought in the Cuban Revolution and was outcast by Castro, because of his (Che's) beliefs - which did not coincide with Fidel's. He was abandoned and hunted down by the United States, because he wanted to bring a New Kind of Democracy to the World - one where, the Power was Truly Given to the People.

Since the beginning of time, itself, man has argued who the wealthy should or should not be. Kingdoms and Governments were toppled throughout history. Still never once, has there truly been a government of the people, for the people, by the people - Laws have always been fashioned to favor the Filthy Rich!

And yes, you may say, well the United States is such a governmental structure (for the people) - No, it is not! Neither is communism! From the times of the Eygptian and Roman Empires to the Silk Road and the Indian Trade Comapany and now to the times of Big Oil, Utility Companies, Big Banks, Hospitals and Insurance Companies, there has never been an equal or adequate share for the common folk. We have always been Screwed of the World's vast riches!

Each and every government from the beginning of time has allowed wealth to sit in the hands of a select few - none have ever changed it. While Karl Marx had the right ideas - any revolutionary since his writings have all fallen prey to greed and conspiracies against common man. Namely, because the pressures that are put on them from other long established sources, outside their lands - in otherwords, from different countries that the Wealthy Rule.

Take England for instance, do you think for one moment that the Monarchy is Dead? Not a chance. Russia, overthrew their Monarchy only to replace it with a more belligerent band of hooligans - Communist. Ditto for China. All around the world, revolution after revolution old established clans were replaced with new ones, claiming their place amongst the people, they were supposedly for - NOT!

Liberationist, want to liberate the people, yea right. They want to redistribute wealth - this is true - but not where the people get the most of it. Sure, their intentions are good at the beginning, but soon thereafter, they start to fall prey to the greed within themselves and the outside pressure, to do what the established wealthy of the world want them to do - if that is, they get far enough from the start of their revolution for anything to matter or change.

They (the Established Wealthy) will fight to the bitter end to keep what has been in their possession since the beginning of time - money, wealth and power. And the way things have gotten, it is not hard for them to do. Look at today's Police Forces, you would swear they are equipped to go to war, not just police the people they are charged with caring for - to protect and to serve - but go to war with them? Shame.

Spying on the people has become way more sophisticated and prevalent, it is unreal. Revolutionaries are caught before they have a chance to revolt. Even governments lay claim to doing things in the Name of the People. It is for your own good, so they say. It is to protect you from tyrants, etc. Yet, take a look around - the only ones getting anywhere are the filthy rich and not just in this country, all over the world.

The time has never been so ripe for a real revolution. One that will finally put the people over the top. We the people own everything, it is ours, yet we get peanuts tossed at us for our reward of letting the Wealthy run and have everything. I said it before somewhere - the wealthy have a choice, to ease up on what they make and take from the people and give much back to them, (the people). Otherwise, they will suffer the greatest loss, ever known to them, (the wealthy).

While their secret police forces, MI5, CIA, KGB, Mossad, MSS or any other intelligence agency - even down to the smallest country on earth, has their ears on to prevent a revolution - if things do not change, there is nothing they can do to prevent it, (a revolution). The Arab Spring is just the tip of the IceBerg. And like any other mountain, shit rolls downhill.

All the masses in all the world grow restless. They are not content with their lives as they are today. In India, the Billionaires there are so brazen, they build massive, towering SkyScrapers to overlook the poor, it is disgusting. People live on top of garbage heaps, while these billionaires live in luxury. Who in the World would find that acceptable? Certainly, not me and hopefully not you!

In the United States and Elsewhere, it is pretty much the same, take Trump for instance, at this writing still the Presidential Elect boasts about all his property that Lines the Skyline of New York. Take a look at Dubai, they have built a Massive City for the World's Wealthy on the Backs of Slaves. Again, so disgusting, who can find this appropriate, in today's society?

The heartbeat of the Revolution is pounding, it is alive. It will come, unless things change and more is given to the people that they so rightfully deserve. Crime is a result of the poverty that has been inflicted upon the many. They will not tolerate it much more - the time has come, to revolutionize the world.

Occupy a peaceful protest - Anonymous, where are you? Support for a revolution is growing - it is time the wealthy let loose of some of those fortunes and share them , more equitably (evenly) with the masses. Somewhere they said if GDP increased by x amount, children of today's parents will make about 41 percent more than what their parents did at their age.

If the wealthy would share more of the profits from this country, with no increase in GDP, by x-amount, their increase in salary over that of what their parents made at the same age would increase by 81 percent. Currently, children of today's parents do not stand a chance to make no where near what their parents did at their current age.

So it is pretty clear that the time has never been more ripe for a revolution - everything that is going on in the world today, is a predecessor to such a calamitous event.

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