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Imagine finding out the young woman depicted here is a well, a sex change. Then imagine the sadness in a young man's heart, that was out searching for a woman to bare his children and then finding out, he was with a man, turned woman. My question to you is, "how will you feel?"

Now, picture yourself being a woman who loves women - then finding out you have been in bed with a man, all along. That's one for the Social Justice Warriors, (SJW's) to take a wack at! And what is a SJW anyhow, but some social activitist fraught with hostilities, whom questions their own identity?

And here come to think of it, Black Lives Matter as well as Blue Lives Matter, but what about the other colors of the rainbow, that have some significance in the World Human Perspective, they matter or don't they?

All this now, in a world where a college education is no longer a prestigous medal to hang upon your chest, proudly. But an insult to hang your head in shame over in disbelief that you were so stupid to even think, you had a chance to go somehwere in life - Where prey tell, would you go?

In a world so wrapped up in Chronism, Nepotism and all the other ill-isms you can think of, do you think someone as puny as you really matters to those in power with the wealth they deprive the massies of. Yes your little manipulations and trouble making may get you somewhere in life briedfly but how short lived will it be? Or even how exciting?

Maybe it's about liking to hear yourself babble on about insignificant issues - that the filthy rich have placed in front of you to prevent you from seeing the truth. Did you ever really think of that? To make you believe, men are against women or that black vs. white is such an issue that needs to be addressed, in the context they want you to address it in.

That your little orchestration of sorts, has gotten you the notarity that you have wanted all your life - false friends and hailers - ol yeah! Big deal! But all along you know the truth, that you are so far from it, you cannot believe it. Humanity, no matter how much you think or want it to be, will never be the same. First off, it would be so boring to sit and look at yourself in others all day, it's pathetic.

And, this is a really big and, you think you are being manipulative all the while being manipulated by the puppet master. Again, the truth fails you, but in this vein - you are doing what they want you to do, keeping others off balance, so that they can never compete with the big shots in life, they will remain as small as you, on your puny little world stage, from which you conduct your meaningless battles.

Meaningless in the sense that you nor your pungent ideas will go anywhere at all, never. Although your il-productiveness is extremely helpful to those in and with real power. Your il-twisted, il-fated and illogical motivations, if they ever did make you a million would be so unreal, that you must of hit the lottery. Or you got hit by lightening and someone felt bad for you and started a Go Fund me Page for you.

Now you wanna be a real Social Justice Warrior and stand up and be counted on Real Issues that confront us daily - swallow this for size - multibillionaires have sewn up all avenues of becoming one of them (the megarich). They will not let you nor me, get anywhere near them and when we do, they buy us out and send us packing.

Or they have made it so difficult to get ahead in life, that neither you nor me stand a chance at competing with them, alone. And the keyword here is alone. From the likes of Howard Hughes to Bill Gates, where somewhere along the line Ophra Winfrey and Martha Steward fell also.

They will destroy those that stand alone. And anything that appears to be becoming a gargantuan business entity, that you will someday be on their level, forget about it. All the while, some child starves in the street or worse is gun down by some childhood gangster, because they were left out of the peanut gallery, (comfortable living zone), at the door.

The statement "get real" comes to mind as I write about, how unjust the social justice system really is and the fact, that SJW's have got it all wrong. Arguing over such little insignificant matters, that really don't matter at all, becasue they got it all wrong. Social injustice has been going on since the dawn of man.

Yet we are not the only ones who engage in such activity. We are however, the only ones that recognize it as being unjust. In animal, insect and other living creatures or things there are social structures. The tree shares the land with the grass and other vegetation, if one becomes to dominate, nature takes over and corrects the imbalance. But, man in his existence, has inflicted imbalance upon others, without nature's interference - until, now.

Nature is starting to intervene in the imbalance of man's ways. If man does not feel the need to correct him/herself, then nature will prevail. Make no mistake about it. For ages, man has tried to beat mother nature and he has failed. He can not stop hurricanes, nor tornadoes - earthquakes will bring him to his knees. And Climate Change is just a beginning to end, we do not want to meet.

So the next time you wanna harp about some little insignificant issue, like who got a bigger piece of the social pie than whom: think about this - Humanity will never be the same, we are all different in our own ways - we do however have a say so as to what goes on in this world.

We have to stand together on the issues that really matter - yet, we need to know all the facts, not just some emotional harp that plays in our ears. Common ground is more solid than dysfunctional ground and to go round and round on issues and events that are backed by nothing more than sentiment, well, we loose and we loose big.

Seek the Truth and You Shall find it. Live the Truth and You Shall be Larger Than Life itself!

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