State Funded Terrorism - A New Term In Modern Warfare
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As the saying goes; "what is good for the goose is good for the gander". If, you or anyone else wish to place blame on someone, some nation or religion; you must first, take a look at yourself.

I have taught my children this all their lives: "if you are going to tell on someone, tell on yourself first". They used to hate me for knowing that they were just as guilty as the other child or children, in doing what they were doing. But, there is also another statement comes up here, with this form of dialogue - "clean your own yard up first before you complain about your neighbors".

The point I am driving at first is sort of Psychological in a sense and just plain ordinary wisdom in another sense. "Collateral Damage" and now, "State Sponsored Terrorism" are termonologies that have came to the forefront as of late. The former tries to excuse away the guilt and the shame of the senseless murder of civilians in a War Torn Area. The latter, chooses to place the blame on the other, by calling someone a Terrorist, while all along they are no better.

I, like many people, have been blessed with a sort of wisdom that is very acute to accurate detailing of a situation, happenstance or life in general. When, it comes to problems, I prefer to tell the truth, rather than fling lies around like they were candy to sugar coat the difficulty at hand or that lies ahead of us. In the real world, is where I like to live. Not in a plastic bubble, where denial seems to be the flavor of the day.

In today's world we face many of the problems that our forefathers have faced and then too, we have our own set of difficulties to reckon with. Currently, one of those problems, I wish to address here is Terrorism or Acts of War. They are pretty much the same, except; one can be undertaken on a very small scale and produce vast, and long lasting effects on people who have suffered through heinous acts. The other is on a much greater level and out in the open for all to witness it. Whether dead smack in the middle of all the chaos or viewing the conflict from the T.V., on your Cell or Comp Monitor at a distance - you can see it unfold before your very eyes.

While we (the United States) have had our turmoils, it seems small in comparison to those countries over across the sea from us. From Russia to South Africa - for over 5,000 years, that part of the world has been mired in controversy and dissent, leading oft times to war. And as it seems, with no end in site. I can take you on a winded tour, but I will spare you the details, less this - the current crisis in the Mid-East, with the United States drawn into it back in the '90's is not new. It has been going on there forever. And yes I said forever. And we weren't really drawn into it only, in the '90's, we were there before.

From time to time, we were drawn into conflict in the Eastern Hemisphere - in the early to mid 1900's we went and fought wars there - in 1945, we conquered Hitler and along with it, gained independence for a whole sleuth of countries. But at the end of WWII, we had a debt to pay back. That debt would cost us, decades of hatred, anomosity and again, more war. Ya see we would not have won that war without anti-freeze and to get that formula, we had to make a deal with the devil and create a Jewish State, in a hostile land. Not a hostile land towards us, the United States, but in a Hostile Land towards Jews, who wanted to settle in the new land, Israel.

I can tell you about walking through the valley of the shadow of death, but seriously, to want to do it, is insane. It only asks for trouble. And when our great leaders agreed to establish a Jewish state, one that has long disappeared from the set; many, many years ago - they should have left it that way. After WWI we wanted out of that land over there and we should have stayed out of it - once, we were drawn back into it, by the attack on Pearl Harbor, we should have finished what we needed to do with Japan only and withdrawn to our own country and our own country alone. And left the Politics of the East to the Politicians of the East. But no, we had to go further and agree, (and if you look at history, there are a ton of agreements between nations for whatever reasons, they had to draw these agreements to get done or not have done as a result of those agreements, etc.), agree that we would help create a Jewish State and defend it, if ever there were a need to defend it.

Which begs two major questions: At what cost to us, the United States? And, what is defense, an act to put up a fight in an attempt to ward off aggression from others or an act to put up a fight as a result of their aggression towards others? Now, if you look at Israel's history since it's formulation in 1945 - it has aggressed upon it's neighbors, ever since it was created. And here lies the problem; "We did not agree to help a nation, agress upon other nations and territories of it's neighbors". We agreed that if other nations were to attack it, we would come to their aid. And such action would require them to pay us, I would hope, for that aid.

"State Funded Terrorism" from Lebanon to the Golan Heights and the West Bank, (which incidentally, from a World Political View, their right to occupy it, is questionable); We have assisted the Israelites in all their hostile engagements and this to me, is not right in the least. And what makes it even worse, is the fact that we pay for it. "We Pay For It" to the tune of over $140,000,000,000.00 (one hundred forty billion dollars), yearly.

Now here's the sad thing about it all, not one of the Israeli children starve - they get the best formal education, paid for by the State of Israel. Medical is taken care of and here we are (the United States) - our educational system sucks - 1 in every 4 of our children live in poverty and go without food often - our medical and prescription costs are through the roof and most people can not afford it. On a Worldwide Political Platform, most countries and their politicians know how dumb we are. But not us, we have no clue what goes on and that to me is, well, sickening to the core, right down to my very stomach.

Now, if I may offer some qualifications: I wanted to be a Helicopter Mechanic in the military, but my intelligence level forbade it. I was schuffled off to the Military Intelligence Unit, in the late 70's, leaving in 1980 - Orginally, I was in the 203rd M.I. Combat Ready Unit - which changed to the 504th M.I. Headquarters/Headquarters Company of the 15th M.I. Command Batallion.

We were the Brainchild of all the Armed Forces - we said what was done or wasn't. We gathered intell along side the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency. During Desert Storm, thanks to big mouthed Vice President Quail, we (U.S. Citizens) knew this company sat quietly and peacefully in the middle of the Saudi Desert, dishing out orders to U.S. and United Nations Forces as it took back Kuwait and entered Iraq. And it was and probably always will be, one of the United States most important agencies there is.

Now, it is in my view: "We were wrong to create this 'false' State of Israel. We are wrong for continually funding and protecting this atroscity." While we may have believed that Islam would be a problem into the future and that strategically, this land held by Israel would be important to us militarily, if the need ever arose to go to war with Islam - we hold far better positions (such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, amongst others) inside the Mid-East than Israel itself.

And we would not be at war with all Islam, it is the radicals inside Islam that are the problem. Like their former partner Hitler, they hold the wrong view that any one Idea or Principle, (such as Sharia Law) can be forced upon the entire world - Hitler, Napolean and Caesar have all shown us that it was impossible. Now, for us to hold out one country, such as, Iran as a State Sponsor of Terrorism, without looking at ourselves and what we do or don't is well, totally 100% wrong:

We have created and catered to this Terrorist State for far too long and it is time now to stop funding these lowlifes or continue to suffer the consequenes, such as our lack of funding for our own needs, as well as, continually having some other nation or group of people hating us for sponsoring terrorists.

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