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He was going to be the saviour of all our woes. Yes, Donald Trump talked a good Game, but he couldn't play it. And the biggest reason why? He doesn't play by the rules. Or at least not the rules of the game - he makes up his own. He stands there and threatens people into action and quite honestly, I would be scared.

If I had to work around him, with him or for him, I would be scared to death of losing everything I ever worked for. To be truthful however, it seems as if, he is working towards that end - undoing everything this country has ever done good since, it's inception - thusly, not leaving America Great Again, "But" America Worse Again - worse than it has ever been before.

As the picture clearly states "Poison" - Trump is a very, very Toxic Person and is almost completely Poisonous to our ways of life. He doesn't care if the water and air is polluted. He doesn't care about your child's education. He doesn't seem to care much about anything but his ego. His self bloated Ego!

But to be completely honest - it is not only him. It is Corporate America - it's the other Loosers in Washington, where congressmen or women and/or Representatives are all out for themselves. You no dummy and I am sure you are quite far from it. Once, thier political career is over, they got a seat with their name on it, with the corporation they helped the most. And it's sinful, to say the least.

The biggest argument in this country is; "Who pays the most in taxes?" The next biggest argument is; "What is the true Cost Of Living?" And, "Why are the Rich getting wealthy and the poor falling more and more into poverty?". As they fall into poverty; "Who is responsible for keeping them, if anyone at all?"

While many in the United States believe that the Common Vote of the people should elect our Officials - it isn't. It is the Electoral Vote that gets a person elected into Presidential Office. As far as congressmen or women, representative, governors of states, etc. it is the common vote. Those that we do elect should bare this in mind, all the time. They should never forget who puts them where they are at!

As far as the Electoral College, where the Electoral Vote comes from, who are these people? Most would say, they are the weatlhiest people of a particular state. In any event, if they are or are not, there is a problem with this sort of voting. The problem has been considered in past elections, but none more than the 2016 Election for President of the United States. The people have the right to vote on who they want for President, directly and not through some, retarded Electoral College. Or by it's rules.

The time has come for a change, a real change. As America gets worse, there is a point in time, in which it can not regain it's Greatness. It is going to get far worse, now, before it gets better. I have always said this, that it has to get worse before it gets better. But, "How bad does it have to get before people really wake up and see what is happening around them.

I can tell you, the cards are stacked against the Commoner, (average person). It doesn't have to be, for this simple reason: "We out number the Filthy Rich and Corporate America. And as they feared, the internet is bringing people together on the issues, more and more each day. So let your voice be heard - as mine is - stand up for what is right and just, as I do.

We are moving into the future at a snails pace, we are turning into a third world country. If we allow this to happen, we will be in a world of crap. Donald Trump and people like him, will laugh all the way to the bank. Now, the next question is; "Was the call for less government intervention for the Average American or was it for Corporate America?" Or do we want less government intervention at all? Seems the Polar Bear in Alaska will answer that question soon.

The senseless slaughter of Defenseless Animals is about the only "Law" and I fall short of calling it a good law, that Congress could pass under Trump - shame! The Polar Bear is on the Endangered List isn't it? And what about the American Bald Eagle, long held as a symbol of our Freedom, will it too, be slaughtered by people who hunt in helicopters?

The deal-maker doesn't seem much like a deal maker to me. His ineptness is only exceeded by his ignorance. His anger well, he wears it on the lapel of his suit jacket and is very easy to see. For a man that is allegedly so astute, he is looking more and more like a stupid idiot everyday. He has got to hold the record of the worst 100 days in office. Blame it on his lack of Political Upbringing, yeah right!

Anyone, anyone can become an immediate Politician - all you have to know is that there are a lot of gives and takes, compromises and well, Pork Feeding - explained, when a politician has a favorite item on the table, relative to the law that they want passed it's one thing, but when it is unrelated to the Bill in question and they want it added as a rider to that Bill for their vote, it's called adding the fat or Pork.

The other factor is costs - what is the cost of passing that law? Whether it affects the commoner or the wealthy, is another consideration - then, you have special interests groups - that all have to be appeased. It's a balancing act, for sure, whether on a fence or on a tight rope, a politician has to keep himself or herself balanced. Something Trump seems unable to do.

He creates his own drama. Lashing out at anyone and everyone that is not on his side. He thinks cause he is he, you should automatically be with him. No, sorry Charlie (or is it Donald?). He seems to know very little about very little. Sure, I can say, I can do anything better than what is currently at hand, say Health Care or Outrageous Tax Code - I can know something is wrong and know it needs corrected. But how to do it is another thing. And all this is headed to "What Makes a Great Leader?"

Some leaders are so adept they do not need to listen to their subordinates. This is why they have become leaders - their genius. Others get there by chance - like the Donald, "What are the odds that he would win the Presidency and head up, one of the greatest Nations there is?" Slim to none, not quite, cause he does know a little bit about math - his electoral map proves it. But he doesn't know enough about math to be the leader he could be.

I used to say it's all about Math - everything we do. If it adds up, it's great; if it doesn't, then something is wrong. What doesn't add up is Trump is President. He lacks leadership qualities that are needed to run a country. He refuses to listen to his subordinates, many of whom have been on the Political Set for the longest and know what needs to be done to get where everyone needs to be - namely, on the same page about anything.

He spends more time Tweeting and bitching about the News, than doing what needs to be done. He certainly has not read anything from Abraham Lincoln, Ben Franklin or even Andrew Carnegie. And running a Country requires a lot more from someone, than just bellyaching!

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